The next generation of cybersecurity threats has the IT industry on high alert. Sophisticated cyber-attacks that include phishing, malware, AI, cryptocurrency and more have placed the data and assets of companies and individuals at risk.

Industries continue to suffer from a severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals and experts warn now that the stakes are higher than ever with cyber-attacks only increasing with years to come. The one thing all experts agree on is that cyber-crime is here to stay. Technology continues to grow which makes things even worse down the road as technology grows and more devices are connected.

IoT Attacks: As the Internet of Things continues to grow (according to, the number of devices connected to a network is on pace to reach almost 31 billion by 2020). This includes laptops and tablets but also household appliances, smartwatches, medical devices, manufacturing equipment, automobiles, and home security systems. One thing all these devices have in common is that they are all connected to the internet. This means they are all vulnerable to attacks if not protected.

Increase in Phishing: Carefully created emails that attempt to trick the user into clicking a link that not only can install malware on their device but can also expose sensitive data. Such attacks allow hackers to steal user logins, credit card information, and other types of personal financial information including access to private databases.

How can you ensure your organization is up to date on these continually evolving threats? How do you make sure you’re adequately protected and prepared? Not all organizations have the ability to hire a full security team to address these issues. IP Pathways’ vSOC is a simple and affordable way for organizations with limited security staff expertise and tight budgets to address their compliance and threat management.

Security experts at IP Pathways help prepare your business to combat cybersecurity threats and attacks. IP Pathways will review and assess your existing systems, vulnerabilities, risks and provide a detailed recommendation for reducing and remediating risks.

Services include:

Security & Risk Assessments

Compliance Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity Program Development

Compliance Program Development

Vulnerability Scanning & Management Program Development

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