Misty Robotics, the creators of the Misty II platform robot, today announced a partnership with IP Pathways, a provider of IT hardware and software, data center, cloud, professional, and managed services and hybrid IT solutions to small, medium-sized and enterprise customers throughout the Midwest. In the partnership, IP Pathways will resell and support the Temp Screening Assistant version of Misty II. By putting a robot on the job of temperature screening, organizations can streamline the process and realize a rapid return on investment.

The Temp Screening Assistant for Misty II is an automated, contactless, and touchless solution for screening and detecting individuals with an elevated temperature. Companies benefit from reduced risk to their frontline staff and the elimination of surface hygiene concerns associated with touch-based systems. Screening is consistent and reliable and provides a unique and friendly end-user experience.

“This is different from any other solution for temperature screening on the market. It isn’t a tablet. It isn’t a kiosk. It isn’t a human with a no-touch thermometer. Misty II in the role of temperature screener is a new kind of assistant, who can make the whole temperature screening process pleasant and memorable. Thanks to where robot technology and the study of Human Robot Interaction (HRI) have evolved, it’s now very feasible to have an affordable and engaging robot experience, which is far better than the very dry kiosk-based experience,” said Tim Enwall, CEO Misty Robotics.

“At IP Pathways, we continue to provide our customers with innovative solutions to solve their business challenges. Our partnership with Misty Robotics will offer a contactless temperature screening to simplify the process. Designed with the user in mind, Misty II has a cute and approachable personality that makes interacting with it fun and simple for people of all ages. Misty II is equipped with additional functionality that allows it to be useful in many ways, including capturing images, responding to touch, and even reading to children at storytime.” said Joe Shields, CEO IP Pathways.

Capabilities of the Temp Screening Assistant include:

• Closed-loop temperature screening (accuracy within +/-0.5C)
• An interactive health question survey
• Immediate pass/fail result determination and recording
• Configurable SMS and/or email notifications
• Web-based administration and reporting
• First of its kind, dynamic character interaction
• A great unflappable attitude

Optionally, organizations can add the ability to print stickers indicating screening is complete, create custom greetings, and employ a pre-visit health survey.

The Temp Screening Assistant was developed in response to the need to screen individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic and is being utilized by a variety of organizations across the nation. The efficiency of using a robot in this capacity will have ongoing utility past the pandemic for organizations that have temp screening as a part of their visitor arrival process. At the core Misty II is a platform robot, meaning developers and partners like IP Pathways can build additional skills (robot applications) that bring additional utility to the robot.

About Misty Robotics:
Misty Robotics is the company behind Misty, a robot platform purpose-built for developers. Misty is focused on enabling developers to build apps for its robots that offer value and utility for businesses and at home. Misty Robotics is a spin-out of connected toy company, Sphero. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company is financially backed by Venrock, Foundry Group, and others.

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