In recent years there has been a resurgence of shared services as a strategy to help entities gain economies of scale, reduce full-time employees, increase productivity and efficiency, pool scarce resources, procure focused expertise, and many other advantages. This resurgence was further increased by the pandemic and the “Great Resignation,” when a tidal wave shift of IT talent left many businesses struggling to fill vacancies in their organizations.

IP Pathways offers a solution that compliments this shared services strategy with our AdaptiveIT™ Consulting. AdaptiveIT™ was designed with you in mind; to meet the growing demand for cost-effective IT engineering excellence on a temporary or permanent basis. It allows you to build out your team to manage and grow congruently with your tech needs.

Adaptive IT

What can AdaptiveIT™ do for you?

∙Provide an on-site consultant to work at your direction. 

Talent roles available includes help desk, system, network, or security engineers and CIO/CISO. 

Allows you to right-size your team based on budget and budgetary work needs. Whether you need someone on-site full-time or part-time. 1 to 5 days per week. 

Transfers many of the costs and risks associated with hiring, training, and staffing from your shoulders to ours.

Affords you access to the knowledge base of our entire team, not just the consultant assigned to your organization.

Achieves stability through ongoing support; no gap or vacancy left unfilled.

Our consultant-led approach ensures that your tech talent strategy is predictable and stable for your future growth. Are you ready to say goodbye to gaps holding your organization back? Talk to one of our technology account executives today. 

Click Here to See a Real World Example of AdaptiveIT™ Consulting in Action 


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