Ransomware attacks are increasing in the education sector and one of the strongest weapons that is the easiest and most cost-effective to deploy is MFA. During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were forced online and into cloud-based technologies. This shift opened up vulnerabilities that hackers were eager to exploit. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is critical tool districts can use to ensure school district accounts, data, and apps stay protected and secure.

Some MFA Considerations are Specific to Schools:

1. Will MFA be adopted in the entire school district? Or used only for the most sensitive district systems?
2. What grade level do you introduce MFA?
3. Will MFA be a stumbling block to providing digital equity and educational opportunities for all students?
4. Are teachers or staff members allowed to use personal cell phones while at school? Would they be required to enable MFA on their device?

5. What are the costs associated with purchasing keys, tokens, or other MFA hardware?

A properly managed MFA system provides one layer of protection. We believe a multi-layered security strategy provides the most benefits. Our engineers can design a system that can help keep your networks more secure so your district staff and students can focus on learning.

We’ve worked with another Area Education Association (AEA) in the Midwest providing levels of cyber security as well as becoming their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This allowed the district to outsource all their IT needs, yet gain the knowledge of a partner who understands their systems and can put safeguards in place, no matter what changes happen in technology in the coming years. Read the full case study here.


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