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The cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve. A few years ago, the only concerns were natural disasters, utility failures, and human error. Today, these threats and cyber attacks are crippling businesses and government organizations and resulting in an unprecedented breach of data and revenue loss.

Here’s some terrifying statistics to consider:

o 66% of organizations lost revenue following a ransomware attack
o 35% of compromised businesses paid a ransom between $350,000 -$1.4 million
o 53% of organizations’ brand and reputation were damaged in a successful attack
o 32% of organizations lost C-Level talent as a direct result of ransomware attacks

No wonder many CEOs and CIO’s have sleepless nights.

At IP Pathways, we know there isn’t one tool or application that is going to protect an organization, and we believe a layered approach gives the most protection. With all the services on the market, it is very difficult for companies who are suffering from the technical labor shortage to evaluate and then configure security solutions correctly. Often there is tool overlap or misconfiguration that goes unnoticed. With the hardware and talent shortage, we are seeing companies stretch the life of their equipment and often get into a scenario where it is unsupported, unpatched, and vulnerable to attack.

The bad actors are only getting smarter and more sophisticated. Phishing emails are more pervasive and harder to detect leading to data breaches. Maintaining data and network security is getting more difficult every year.

That’s where having a strategic partnership with IP Pathways can help.

We take a proactive approach and evaluate an organization’s entire environment for vulnerabilities and then our solutions architects design a solution that will keep their data and networks safer. Our strategy is holistic whether on prem or in the cloud and we have the engineering expertise to make the most out of any organization’s security investment.

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