We protect your NetApp FAS storage system in a way that meets the needs of your growing business. We eliminate the need to purchase an offsite NetApp FAS and offer offsite replication delivering a predictable monthly operating expense. 

The Service 

• Replication from your NetApp FAS 7-Mode or cDOT storage system is configured to our cloud based NetApp FAS storage using SnapMirror® or SnapVault® NetApp software 

• Seeding can be done via the network or by using a mobile NetApp FAS storage system and IP Pathways’ Professional Service 

• Connectivity can be via the Internet or private circuit 

• Restores are provided by reversing replication traffic or by reverse-seeding in the event of a data loss 

• Replication options include: Restore to colocated servers or to Infrastructure-as-a-Service in one of the IP Pathways data center 

• Pay for resources consumed, per Mb, per month and data transfer is included 

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