Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Next-generation firewalls need to be an integral part of your security strategy to combat these attacks. Let us be your partner in protecting your network. Our fully-managed and monitored next-generation firewall is a turnkey solution. It is supported 24×7 by your dedicated team of IP Pathways technical engineers.

Our engineers always recommend having two firewalls for redundancy, and we can also manage infrastructure to manage an existing firewall.


NEXT-GENERATION FIREWALL: Support for IPv4 and IPv6. User-friendly live and historical traffic insight with bandwidth monitoring.

MULTI-WAN: Leverage multiple Internet connections with load-balancing and failover. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK (VPN): Support site-to-site VPNs and client-based VPNs. No additional client licenses are required.

HARDWARE FAILOVER: Our cloud firewalls are resilient by design! On-premise firewalls also support highly-available configurations.

INTRUSION DETECTION & PREVENTION (IDS/IPS): Detect advanced threats & defend your network. Protect it against malware, DoS attacks, botnets, known vulnerabilities and more.

ROUTING: Supports multiple network interfaces and full routing capabilities including static routing, OSPF and BGP.


    • Truly Turn-key, a fully managed, and monitored solution
    • Enhanced reliability with Support 24×7 by our technical engineers
    • 100% uptime guarantee with measured SLA’s
    •  Increased performance and network visibility
    • Simplified cloud migration & access to IP Pathways’ data center services
    • Unified security controls in a single interface


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