Primary workloads can have diverse storage requirements and our Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering can be optimized to work with them all. This managed offering features tiered storage with different levels of performance to suit all types of workloads and make the most out of your budget. 

Tiered storage is available in five tiers, 0 through 4, as you move down tiers you trade performance speed for lower storage costs. This system gives you the flexibility to store the data you need while taking into consideration how fast and often you need access to it.

Tiered Storage Allows You to Customize For Your Unique Needs

Tier 0 is for your mission-critical applications and workloads. 

Tier 1 is used when you are using applications sensitive to response times. If you are relying on virtual desktops, they have a higher requirement for faster speed and lower latency. By using tier one in this instance, your users will have a similar user experience as they have on your normal production site. 

Tier 2 is for data used for your operating systems on a consistent day-to-day basis. 

Tier 3 is typically where your backup as a service goes. This is where you store your first copy of your data to avoid the lengthy time it takes to create a full backup on tier 4. If you would ever need to restore from a backup, tier 3 is important so you don’t have to fight the operation restrictions. 

Tier 4 has performance restrictions and is recommended for cold storage and archival backups. This is data that you don’t need to access immediately and often used to store an air-gapped backup. In the 3-2-1-1-0, ideal backup scenario, this is the storage tier your offsite copy uses. 

Put your data to work with always-on availability, layered security, and storage flexibility all wrapped in 24/7/365 support from our team of engineers. Get instant data access without costly delays with our centrally located carrier-grade data centers offering ultra-low latency.

Benefits of Storage as a Service 

Total Cost of Ownership Goes Down. Moving to an OpEx consumption model lets you optimize and accurately predict your storage costs which is good for the bottom line. With storage-as-a-service, there is no hardware to purchase, storage for your team to provision, or capital being used for “someday” scenarios. Less frequently accessed data can even be automatically moved to lower-cost tiers in accordance with auditable rules, stretching budgets and driving economies of scale.

Time to Deployment.  When your IT teams are ready to execute, infrastructure should never slow them down. IP Pathways tiered storage allows you to quickly deliver the exact amount of storage needed, right when it’s needed, and the ability to scale up or down to fit the needs of your organization. This allows IT to focus on solving complex application problems instead of having to manage storage systems.  

Information Management. Centralizing storage creates a tremendous leverage point for new use cases. By using storage lifecycle management policies, you can perform powerful information management tasks or locking down data in support of compliance requirements.

Durability. Data should be redundantly stored, ideally across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility. Tiered storage can help you get back to business after disruption from cyberattacks, natural disasters, human errors, or mechanical faults.

Availability. All data should be available when needed, but there is a difference between production data and archival data. The ideal cloud storage will deliver the right balance of retrieval times and cost.

 Backup and Recovery. Backup and recovery is a critical part of ensuring data is protected and accessible, but keeping up with increasing capacity requirements can be a constant challenge. Storage-as-a-service brings low cost, high durability, and extreme scale to backup and recovery solutions.

How IP Pathways Can Help

We can help manage your primary workloads and configure your tiers to make the most of your budget. Our managed services have been helping organizations with their engineering needs for over a decade. Schedule a meeting to learn more.










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