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Organizations today are facing unprecedented challenges in managing and investing in their IT strategies. From the never before seen levels of cyber security threats to supply chain and qualified labor shortages, business leaders face significant challenges while still being market-driven to embrace digital transformation.

We have worked diligently to provide solutions to these challenges. One of these is our AdaptiveCloud™ suite of solutions. These services range from security solutions to disaster recovery and storage options. In 2016, IP Pathways launched its flagship offering, AdaptiveCloud™, Cloud Infrastructure. It’s our purpose-built, secure, multi-tenant cloud that is built as a public hyper-scalar cloud alternative.

Our AdaptiveCloud™ solution provides a platform that allows for general purpose workloads in a self-provisioning, self-managed, truly multi-tenant environment. The platform allows IT administrators, developers and solution providers to easily provision services, manage storage, networks and workloads.  And do it in a consumable, “pay as you go” model. Removing the need for upfront large capital expenses. IP Pathways back all of this with world-class support and options for consulting strategies to migrate workloads. It also includes fully managed options for organizations that do not have the technology staff in place to manage their environment. These great services are available with flexible connectivity as well as colocation options to enable a truly hybrid strategy for your cloud deployment.

When our AdaptiveCloud™, Cloud Infrastructure services were compared to many of the hyper-scaler public cloud providers, the solution was a better value. The team at IP Pathways evaluated a real world customer’s workload to determine total monthly cost of each solution. We found AdaptiveCloud™ was 25% less when compared to Amazon Web Services, 24% less than Google Cloud, 47% less than Microsoft Azure, and an astounding 60% less than VMware Cloud on AWS!

The IP Pathways, AdaptiveCloud™, Cloud Infrastructure product can solve all of your organizations’ cloud adoption challenges. The team at IP Pathways is ready to make cloud adoption a truly simple process.

Schedule a meeting and let’s talk about how we can help you embrace a move to cloud infrastructure.

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