The Challenge:

Brodstone Memorial Hospital is a small nonprofit critical access hospital located in Superior, Nebraska—a community with a population of 2,000. The hospital has continued to grow and prosper and provides healthcare services to South Central Nebraska and North Central Kansas. Steady growth led Brodstone Memorial Hospital to search for a method to enhance the rollout of their Electronic Health Record solution. Their existing system was lacking portability and scalability. They wanted to access records at a patient’s bedside or in the exam room, and they were aiming to reduce login times. They were also looking to improve overall patient safety and care.

“The solution is only as good as the engineers who deploy it. IP Pathways’ expertise and knowledge surrounding VDI has made all the difference at our facility, compared to those who have had less-than-successful experiences tackling desktop virtualization.” Tim Hiatt stated.

The Solution:

Brodstone partnered with IP Pathways and utilized VMware for both server and desktop virtualization, which allowed them to simplify the process required for a successful EHR adoption.

Tim Hiatt, Director of Network Administration at Brodstone Memorial Hospital, stated, “The VDI solution implemented by IP Pathways has made the day to-day administration of hundreds of desktops in our facility more manageable for our limited staff.”

The project’s initial phase involved server virtualization utilizing VMware vSphere, NetApp storage, and Cisco switching. This was followed by a desktop virtualization strategy using VMware View, and a single sign-on initiative using Imprivata to enhance workflows for patient care providers. Adding Imprivata’s tap-and-go functionality has dramatically cut down on login times, enabling our providers to increase patient volume safely and effectively,” stated Hiatt. This improved the adoption rate and proficiency of staff in managing patient data and interactions with the EHR. Our virtualization solution also allowed for greater levels of data encapsulation. This was key in promoting a disaster recovery initiative that was attestable in nature. Because of the stringent requirements of HIPAA HITECH, disaster recovery and continuity of patient records were imperative. VMware and NetApp allowed for the replication and recovery of all critical systems.

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