Madison County Health Care System is a Critical Access Hospital in Winterset, IA. The system serves a relatively large geographical area and is committed to ‘delivering compassionate health care with excellence’ for all. Madison County Health Care System (MCHCS) sought support from a third-party vendor, IP Pathways, to help them move to a virtual environment and find more efficient operating methods to improve their level of care.


MCHCS was in search of the right IT staff with the necessary expertise to handle their unique IT needs, such as disaster recovery and a data recovery strategy. As a hospital administrator, Marcia found it challenging to find the right people with the required skill set. MCHCS searched for guidance and knowledge to ensure the hospital’s IT systems were secure and functioning optimally.


IP Pathways leveraged its expertise and identified that staffing up sourcing could provide MCHCS with the necessary IT staff. MCHCS now has two positions provided through AdaptiveIT, a systems administrator and a support/help desk engineer, resulting in increased efficiency and security. AdaptiveIT personnel provided oversight and accountability for the quality of work being done and provided MCHCS with access to the IP Pathways engineering team. This resource allows the hospital access to IP Pathways’ expertise to handle any IT challenges that may arise outside of the individual’s skill set.

Additionally, IP Pathways helped MCHCS ensure compliance with relevant healthcare regulations and standards, such as HIPPA.

MCHCS working with IP Pathways has streamlined its staffing process, ensuring they have the right people with the necessary skills to provide the hospital with secure, optimal systems and prevent potential IT issues for years to come.   

“We appreciate IP Pathways’ expertise and their willingness to work with us to find the best solutions for our IT needs to achieve our goals.” – Marcia Hendricks, CEO  


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